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Our Amazing services

We take pride in providing the highest level of service to our clients and attending to their individual requirement’s by understanding the customer’s need, anticipating requirements, checking comforts levels and using feedback constructively to help deliver expected service levels ,this approach to Dragon Shield Security (D.S.S) have satisfied growing customer base As the leading professional organization, (D.S.S) offers a wide range of specialized and customized services to its customers, covering varied and specific needs.

Guarding Services

Offers a variety of security guards for Night clubs and bars. We protect the interest of the
Clients and patrons alike. Our personnel have a dynamic And vast experience in the gulf region especially here in Dubai, they knows how to handle and diffuse difficult Situations without immediately resorting to violence.We would like to put to and end that bouncers Aggressive and burly-looking guys.
Our people are dignified trustworthy and well trained. Security often the first people the customer sees and Sets the tone for the style and attitude of the club

Event Security

There is a set of aspect regarding event security. Our full Service includes crowd control, traffic management,And celebrity security. Security risks are always Involved when a dozens and hundreds of people packed In one venue especially on event that serves alcohol. We Will offer a proactive and comprehensive security plan And work closely with the event’s management to meet The requirement of the clients.

Personal security /vip body guard

Personal security or most commonly known as vip bodyguards are usually Contracted by peoples are in the public eye or high risk People who might have dangers or threats around them.This includes TV or sports celebrities, diplomats, and High-profile business people. Our protection for this kind of Individuals from any kind of risk or situation that can beHarmful to them.
We provide a team of CPO’s specially Trained by an international organization in close Protection, first aid and defense classes. Our team of close Protection offices have an extensive experience in Dubai And known for their discreetness and reliability. We Considerate of the sensitive situation of our clients thus our Officers approach everything in a cautious manner.

Building Security

Dragon Shield Security is one of the UAE’s premier security companies providing on-site and mobile security solutions which are tailored to each of our client’s business and security needs. These include various types of access control, CCTV and perimeter intrusion detection systems. We provide 24/7 technical support services, facilitating client site operations, accommodations and some of the UAE’S critical national infrastructure.

Valet Parking

We offer a keener focus on visitor safety, a vigilant eye on asset protection, and a heightened sense of public assistance. Together these abilities create an unparalleled enhancement to the valet function.
Partner with DSS when managing parking challenges. Our Specialists and Account Managers will assess the existing situation and design efficient solutions, with all of your criteria in mind. We will provide equipment, order signage, and deploy professionally trained and uniformed valet personnel. Dss can create increased parking capacity, organized traffic flow, and improved visitor experiences. When off-site parking is the best solution, Dss will bring in its Shuttle Transportation Team.

Parking Management

We offer traffic and car parking management in Dubai to our clients including mobile patrolling, valet parking, and management of paid locations. The overall objective is to ensure smooth flow of traffic as well as provide convenience to our clients and their visitors.

about us

Our company is a group of security professionals, whom are based in Dubai for the past 10 years. We are a team who understand the needs of the clients and up to date with the requirements for security here in the United Arab Emirates.



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